NEW MOON in Libra 10/8 :: I can be me and love you, too.

Self, meet Other. Other, meet Self. The balance between expanding beyond our limitations and maintaining strong boundaries is a huge theme of late. There can be an urge to put boundaries on others, while having no personal boundaries ourselves, as well as the flip side of that, which is to have strong boundaries for ourselves while not giving a shit about others. Both of these are polarized ways of expressing the current energies, and yes, there is a happy medium to be found, and Libra knows where it’s at.

This new moon, like all new moons, starts a new cycle of growth. It is seeding in my personal fourth house this go-’round, and the spark of life that’s beginning is asking me if I can make a home within myself so that I can relate to The World (tenth house) from a place of not only integrity, but from a feeling and place of safety and security. I have two, count ‘em, grand water trines in my chart, with both my Ascendant and Chiron in Cancer, reflective of my high (and highly visible) sensitivity to emotional matters. Like many of us, I grew up without a strong sense of self, as the priority was the whole of the family unit. The unhealthy dynamic I adapted to was one of everyone else’s emotional safety being more important for me to focus on than my own (possibly because I felt emotionally safe when everyone else did, too). The problem here lies in the fact that in order to facilitate emotional safety, one must feel emotionally safe themselves. A vicious cycle can perpetuate here, or a beautifully loving cycle, depending on the decisions made by each individual in the group.

Have you ever had an exchange with someone that was not bad, per se, but one where you didn’t walk away with anything beautiful or meaningful afterward? The Arian desire to share is different from the Libran desire to share. Aries wants to share to be seen, to be acknowledged, to feel real. Libra wants to connect, to validate the other, to give of one’s self to benefit the other. In a healthy conversation dynamic, both of these energies take place in both people. It is really difficult to connect (Libra) with someone who does not have a strong sense of self (Aries), because you never really get to know who you’re trying to connect to, no matter how much time you spend together. Someone who is only focused on making the other person happy and cannot express themSelves to the other presents an interaction that feels hollow. On the flip side, someone who is only focused on expressing themSelves and cannot receive the other in their expression and presents an interaction that feels, well, heavily lopsided. (This is where the abuser/doormat dynamic plays.)

In what area(s) are you unwilling or scared to be/share yourself, and in what area are you looking for others to connect with you? Where in your life do you have a strong sense of self that you are proud of and love to present to others? How can you set the gold standard in your interactions starting today?

If you want to go deep, take a look at your chart (you can do this here) and look at where 15 degrees of Libra is. This is where this new moon can empower you to sit and plant a new way of relating between Other and Self. If you haven’t yet looked into what the houses represent, try it out and see if astrology starts making a fuck ton more sense. The magic of astrology, while universal, is also extremely personal. As above, so below; as within, so without. There is no one-size-fits-all horoscope prescription, so keep this in mind when listening to guidance from those working in the astrological field (including myself!). When you tune into your own inner knowing Self (Aries), you can hear the secret messages shining in the sharings that come from the World of Other (Libra). There are jewels waiting to be seen by the eyes of your heart, but you must know yourself intimately in order to see which setting in the crown of your life each jewel fits into.

With Venus moving through Scorpio (which is also my natal Venus placement, yussss) having just gone retrograde this weekend AND squaring Mars in Aquarius, I am reminded of a metaphor I experienced (and still experience) in real life. Allow me to illustrate with it how you don’t have to sacrifice your own well-being in order to benefit those you are relating to/with.

When two people come together for sex, they each want to experience pleasure, in whatever form that takes for them personally. In order for the encounter to be mutually beneficial a.k.a. a success, each person needs to know what feels good to them personally AND each person needs to understand what feels good to the other person. The vehicle for this exchange between inner self knowing (Aries) and desire to share with another (Libra) is COMMUNICATION. In a truly healthy sexual exchange, each person desires the pleasure of themselves AND of the other. Each person wants to see the other, and wants to be seen by the other. Otherwise, it is just using and being used, which can feel absolutely lifeless and even toxic (the last thing you want in a sexual exchange). Understanding what you desire from an exchange with another and then being able to communicate it requires knowing what you, yourself, personally desire, period. As many who have been sexually frustrated can testify to, trying to pleasure a partner who does not know what feels good to them is like the blind leading the blind. Again, on the flip side, trying to build to orgasm yourself if you do not recognize what feels good to you and what doesn’t is like fumbling in the dark. But isn’t it wonderful that we get to explore ourselves and each other in learning what lights us up and what does nothing for us? What an honor for someone to open themselves to us in this way, and what an honor we give others to see into us as well.

A closing and summarizing note on Venus in Scorpio squaring Mars in Aquarius — the Feminine and Masculine are two sides of the same coin. It is easy to forget this and forsake one for the other, which is not only not necessary, it is destructive for all involved. It is like cutting off one arm in favor of the other. It is like saying saying night is bad and day is good, or that we should have only winter and never summer. You cannot heal one without healing the other, and you cannot hurt one without hurting the other. Plainly put, we cannot HAVE one without the other. You see? You cannot have only one side of the coin, so how about we get to know both sides? Can you see that you, yourself, need both feminine and masculine qualities? Can you see that you already have them, and in fact are already using them? What if you asked yourself WHERE and HOW you are using them, consciously or unconsciously? Think of what femininity truly is, and what masculinity truly is. How have you experienced them in your life? Do you enjoy that experience? What if it could be different? This new moon says “It can and it will, if you want to start anew.” Femininity and Masculinity each have very important qualities that, while they are not the same, are equal in value. Take a look in your chart at where 10 degrees of Scorpio is (Venus) and 9 degrees of Aquarius is (Mars) and see if there is a way hidden in the conflict that you can have both, you can allow both, you can feel both as equally valuable in yourself and in others. Ask the question: How can both the feminine and masculine energies be seen, heard, appreciated?

Mars in Aquarius, while squaring Venus (the ruler of Libra) also loosely trines the Sun and New Moon IN Libra. Incredibly potent and powerful set-up for utilizing your masculine in creating space and support of the conjunct Sun/Moon energy for a fresh start for you and for all.

Let’s build a world where both (You and the Other, Masculine and Feminine) can not only survive, but heal, flourish, and THRIVE.

~ Eden Marie Peach
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