Eclipse Energy, Leo/Aquarius ~ Wide-Eyed Creating for the Collective and YOU

I am sitting down to write, to cultivate, to bleed. I'm calling on Nike, wing-ed victory, goddess of the WIN. I am giving it all I've got. And I'm only doing this now because I have a vision, clear purpose: Alignment. Sanity. Wholeness. Pure, naked and afraid, but accepting/embracing that there is nothing left to lose. Nothing that's not worth losing. Determination is a son-of-a-bitch, and I know I could use some as the choice between ignoring my intuition and paying attention to it is practically unavoidable now.

It is tough being an artist. Your art, the stuff that yearns to spring forth from you for reasons you may or may never understand, brings aspects of you to light that you didn't know existed. New facets of you, new colors of you. As a consequence, integrity-propelled creating is an act of metamorphosis. Now I realize why it can be so scary. How do I know if I will like what I become? How can I prepare for the effects of becoming a me that I couldn't pre-conceive of if I tried? Oh's impossible. That's where the vision comes in...the why.

I have visions of beauty, of utopia, of myself at my magnificent best. I feel glimpses stretching minutes into hours of radiant joy, tasting what it would be like to throw off shackles of fear and excuses and run headlong into my desires. What does this epic life feel like?

Run headlong into THIS MOMENT, shall we... Lights get brighter, colors more vivid, hearing sharpens. Searing uncertainty thrusts into my face, and I have to remind myself I'm not in any physical danger. I decide to try trusting this. What have I got to lose, right? I'm not in a snake den or bear territory. I feel my confidence rush through my veins anew - I am invincible. I am practically bulletproof, not because my skinsuit is impenetrable, but because my essence is finally present, finally here, finally unmasked and unencumbered by my chosen protection method. Now that I am truly protected by my awareness, revelations trickle, then snowball into me. Answers to questions I've until now been afraid to ask. Ideas come to me because I have a container to hold them. Sweet relief...this is what CLARITY feels like.

Oxford Dictionary defines essence as "the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, which determines its character". What determines my character? What nudges me in this direction or that? If you impress an energetic footprint wherever you go, in whatever you do, what does it look like, feel like, smell like? You don't need to ask what "they" think of it, how "they" perceive it...what does it feel like to YOU? This is the state of your energetic field. This, my body memory, is the breeding ground for the reality outside of me. Rippling out from us are our ideas, thoughts, feelings, fears, and dreams...and they collide and mesh with the fields of our environment and of those we share it with. You are a co-creator, conscious or not. Yeah, YOU MATTER. And I matter. If you don't matter, how can I matter? And if I don't matter, how can you?

With that said, I wonder if we can set down our outward-facing troubles for a while and let our art come forth into this moment...our life force spinning out from us as we shape sentences like a potter holds wet clay as it spins, only doing our part with our magic hands, as the clay spins on and on... Do we have faith that the effort we put into this moment will yield fruit? Even deeper, are we able to recognize fruit when we see it?

The full moon lunar eclipse that just took place July 27th at 4 degrees and 45 minutes of Aquarius gives us a gaping window of opportunity to see beyond our instinctual feelings and conditioning, beyond our familiar ways of navigating the waters of life. Suddenly we are detaching from the polarized I/me/my stagnancy and seeing the bigger picture. I'm getting chills writing this. This eclipse happened right on top of our retrograde Mars at 3 degrees 58 minutes of Aquarius, the water-bearer, the one who brings the future to the people, the one who cares about the economy and the systems of community we organize into for our ongoing well-being. Today is yesterday's future, remember. What patterns are you setting into our tomorrow, today? What kind of world do we each personally want to live in, and how can we each personally start to make that happen? The future IS being created, again: consciously or unconsciously. You have your choices (your patterns) laid in front of you like a set of blueprints for various types of housing structures. Each one has been used countless times before, some by you and some by others. You have a whole warehouse of tools at your command. Don't fall asleep at the wheel and let someone else's agenda compel you to build their future. You can trust that even though you may not be using your genius behind the scenes, someone else definitely is because they understand their power and they creatively use it for their purposes, for better or worse. Don't abandon your power to build something from your own creative depths. If you are on this planet now, you are building the future.

This eclipse season, what is the scent of your offering? What do you give to the world through your life, your comings and goings, your essence? Will we get to bear witness to your fruiting and dance in your lightbeams, or will you deem your inner gifts insignificant or too 'out there' and hide them under a bushel? What is the price we pay for staying small? What is the price we pay for unleashing our unique creative essence? We're gonna pay up, that's for damned sure. Lucky thing is we get to decide what we're buying.

~ Eden Marie Peach
IG: @eden.earthytoes.137 & @earthytoes137.arts