Hope, by John-Paul

And now, words on believing and the power of the human spirit, from a guest writer who goes by the name of John-Paul.

~ ~ ~


Hope is a paralyzing thing. But to lose hope is to give in to despair. There is no life in despair. Only death. So let us hold to hope as it is the only thing that keeps us afloat in a swirling sea that seeks to swallow us up.

Hold fast and seek those that give you fuel to your hope fire. If you can find enough fuel for your hope then you can find the warmth in your life to keep breathing. The world is cold and will always seek to extinguish your fire.

Hope is a strong pair of shoes. That we wear and repair daily. If you walk the earth without your hope shoes you will stumble and if you fall, the earth will swallow you hole. You are drawn to those whose shoes are stronger than yours so that you can learn to make yours better. Your hope shoes must be fit. So let us hope. Let us hope that our shoes grant us wings that we may escape the earth.

Even then we are buffeted by the winds of doubt. That would seek our fall from the skies. Hope and not doubt will keep you flying, even through the wildest tempest. Doubt will see you fall from a gentle breeze. So cling tightly to hope.

It is your only hope.