NEW MOON in Virgo 9/9 :: Purpose-Driven Magick What a welcome relief, a healthy dose of realism in the age of escapism and resistance to the cycles of life and nature. Saturn just started direct motion again on Thursday, September 6th at 2 degrees 33 minutes of Capricorn. The Sun is full-swing reveling in Virgo season, and the moon is entering her darkest phase, her creation phase Sunday, September 9th at precisely 17 degrees of Virgo conjunct the Sun (as all new moons are). Down, down, down we go into our emotional patterns, instincts, securities and insecurities with the light of the Sun to show us the grounds we live on, and on top of that look what we have: the sharp pattern-recognizing wits of Pallas Athena conjunct the communicative news-bearing Mercury, seeing the big picture in the small things and showing us how the pieces fit together. And these two are currently in a very happy trine with now-direct Saturn. Hello, friendly shove into CLARITY.

If there was a time for paring down and getting real efficient with the resources and information we have, now is IT. Mercury is the messenger. He doesn't come up with the ideas, he just moves them from place to place, plane to plane. So think traveling from Mount Olympus down to the Underworld and back, carrying messages from subconscious to conscious, and from conscious to subconscious. Sifting, sorting, lining everything up into its most useful position.

Let's step fully into our Virgo Mercury for a moment and get some things clear about the need for practicality in our spiritual practices and aspirations. Let's take the word "magick". Simply put, "magick" refers to the things we make happen around us powered by our will. Not our wishes, our ideas, or our dreams, which are all good things in their own right, but magick is done with the Will. We're talking Solar Plexus, people. This chakra also houses, unsurprisingly, our relationship to the ego! An oft-distorted term in many brands of spirituality, The Ego is the part of us that personally and consciously decides things, that answers to no one other than Self, that is capable of accepting or rejecting ourselves, that puts things into motion (or stops them) fueled by personal desire. This is key, my friends.

If you feel like you've been dragged to the edge of a cliff by some dark force in our world and are being told to sacrifice yourself for the masses, this is imbalance of your solar plexus, a need for reins on your WILL. You have taken in ideas without personally vetting them, and allowing them to run whatever course they please through your mind, your body, your life. You may not even know what you - personally and deeply - believe or feel amongst the constant noise of everyone else around you. You feel like you have little or no control over your behavior and you feel it is because of everything wrong with the world. Well, part of that is true. There are very wrong things happening in the world, and many conspire to convince you that you have no control, planting pictures and words into your environment with intent to keep you feeling helpless against such darkness. But the full picture is: What do you do with the ideas that you encounter? Do you water them and put fertilizer on them and prop them up and protect them from pests? Or do you pull them up while they're tiny sproutlings, before they take root and spread into you?

If you are INTO astrology, take a look at your birth chart and find out what house(s) these transits are happening, particularly where 17 degrees of Virgo is, where the moon will conjunct the sun and will trine Pluto at 19 degrees of Capricorn (talk about uprooting to make space for better/smarter/healthier planting!). Look at where Pluto is transiting your chart as well, and see if you can notice patterns between your emotional habits (Moon) and the intense changes and transformation (Pluto) happening in your life. Start looking at which ideas, situations, and relationships you gravitate toward accepting immediately (maybe accepting them so easily because of the familiar way they make you feel emotionally?), and which ones you have immediate aversion to, or are triggered by. Ask yourself why certain ideas, situations, and relationships "make you feel" the way they do, and see if there are deep-seated fears keeping you adhering to a certain brand of ideas...a certain brand of spirituality...a certain brand of politics...a certain brand of sexuality...a certain brand of philosophy...a certain brand or style of diet... Ask yourself if your repeated emotional patterns are serving the ideal you yearn for, the dreams you have maybe felt are unreachable, the life you have caught bright glowing glimpses of and know is your absolute best self... Your patterns are what determine your future, and opposite this new moon is our ever-inspired Neptune in Pisces, the dreamer of dreams, the idealistic one who sees what the world could be...if we would get our everyday life onto the track that leads to it.

Earth is supportive, but realistic as fuck. Where do realism and idealism meet, and can they exist in harmony? These aspects suggest they not only can, but they do. Virgo says, "It's time to face the music and align."

~Eden Marie Peach
IG: @eden.earthytoes.137 & @earthytoes137.arts