When we move, we wake up the cells and memory within our bodies. We awaken the Shakti life force that is within each one of us. Waiting to let go, feel free and move the energy that creates worlds.


house of pleiades


Bailee O'Brien (Natural Native Wellness)

The innate and instinctual rhythm that lives within each soul. A shifting movement found within that is fundamental to self-expression, self-love and self-healing. Native Movement puts the ego to rest and instills confidence to trust your path.

(Oklahoma City based)

house of pleiades
house of pleiades


Amber Marie Deen

Intentional Movement Experience (IME) is a practice that combines inward reflection, meditation, and breath work, with outward expression. IME is rooted in the belief that meditative movement helps as deeply connect and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and others.  These meditations incorporate movement directly influenced by imagery to clear the mind, connect to breath, heart beat, and personal rhythm. Once inner calm has been established we explore arising feeling through the use of voice, brief movement phrases and finally free movement. Group classes include interaction amongst participants that involves discussion, affirmation, and limited contact.

One on One: Private sessions facilitate deep inner work and release. This is both a movement and intuitive session designed to explore specific aspects of the mind and spirit through movement. 

Intentional Movement for Mamas: IME for mamas is designed to forge a deep connection to ones body and child. Through the use of breath, meditation, affirmation, and movement to release doubt and empower the body and mind for birth. 
 Amber is a Dona International trained doula with an intimate knowledge of the sacredness of birth and transition into motherhood.

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(Tulsa, Oklahoma based)