Why was this space created?  Expansion and Connection. A New Earth is beginning to appear and we are all seeking answers, guidance and what feels like "our truth". We have created a format with inner knowing and knowledge. The information that cannot be easily explained. And the topics that at times, may seem hard to find answers for. We are all so much more similar and connected than we may think. This space was created to help you remember this truth.

Who are we?  Space holders, Creatives, Mystics, Lightworkers, Wild Women, Human, Empaths, Witches

Why are there so many topics discussed?  This creation is a co-creative melting pot! A place where women within Oklahoma, and around the world, can come to learn and connect. A place where like-minded woman can connect back within themselves. All the topics and information listed has been accumulated over years of awareness and awakening. Knowledge learned by inner guidance, life experience, pain, heart-break and immense joy.

How do the cosmos and the elements of earth go together?  We are living within a dimensional paradox. We are all ONE, yet everything contains duality. If there is light, there is dark. If there is male, there is female. As Above, So Below. The cosmos and earth elements are intrinsically linked, what happens in either sphere reverberates into the other. Recognizing the influence of these elements on each other opens our paradigms to the possibility of revelation through our current experience and the influence of outside force.

Why are so many women involved?  We wanted to create a space where a diversity of voices and experiences could be expressed. We each come from different places, upbringings, and backgrounds and because of this we are able to resonate with people on multiple levels. We want this space to be as inclusive and diverse as possible with a similar goal of community and understanding.

Why so much emphasis on the Pleiades constellation?  This particular constellation feels like a far-away home to some of us. A place within the cosmos that we feel a familiarity towards. A higher dimension reality that is full of so much love and knowledge. The Pleiades is also know as "the seven sisters"  In this space, we are all cosmic sisters colliding together. 

Will there be any workshops and retreats that include men?  Yes, we hope in the future that we partner with the healing Masculine. Stay tuned by following us on social media and the newsletter.

When will workshops and retreats begin to launch?  We are hoping to create our first retreat this Fall! We have not set a specific month on when retreats will launch. Stay tuned by following us on social media and the newsletter.

How can you get involved?  If you are a woman artist/healer within any genre (photography, writing, drawing, wellness, plant medicine) and want to get involved, or want to be a part of a workshop or retreat in the future -  connect with us at houseofpleiades777@gmail.com