Jenny Solidago Mansell is a heritage wildcrafter and community herbalist. She holds certificates from Rosemary Gladstar's Science and Art of Herbalism and The Herbal Academy, as well as the investment of over 20 years of personal study, research, and experimentation. She has also benefited from the mentorship of  Jackie Dill, creator of Oklahoma Wildcrafting. She teaches local classes in Oklahoma as well as presenting at other events such as The Midwest Women's Herbal Conference and the Good Medicine Confluence. From childhood, Jenny has loved spending time with healing plants and remains passionate about the healing and empowerment of the green ones.

"When I was a little girl, I spent most of my days outdoors gathering yarrow "for the winter", sipping dew from roses, and licking pollen from dandelions. My grandfather was a Wildcrafter and taught me to recognize and eat wild plants. I bought my first herb books as a teenager and was instantly entranced by the possibilities of Herbalism. I learned to use the plants around me to take care of minor health issues and was inspired by how effective the weeds in my own yard could be. In my twenties I experienced a series of health crises which took me to the brink of despair at the state of my body. Herbs helped bring me back from the edge and helped restore my health and vitality. The plants began to speak to me and bring joy into my life. All of these experiences are part of my herbal journey and inspired me to continue my herbal studies and eventually, teach to empower others to use herbs to support health."

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Raw Cacao is a heart-opening plant medicine used to connect  our physical, spiritual and emotion body as one. Click on the image below to learn more about Cacao. Ceremonies currently take place in Oklahoma and will be included in many retreats and workshops through House of Pleiades. Check the event page periodically and be sure to subscribe to the Newsletter.

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Stories + Experiences


I believe that life is not linear, but circular in nature. Is is a constant cycling, death and rebirth, ebb and flow. 

I will never forge the moment I experienced this incredible revelation and shift in perception.  I was 25 years old. Insecure and searching for myself in the love of a man. My relationship with my husband had deteriorated over the last couple years and I was desperate to reconnect with him. 

I remember being so annoyed the first time my husband suggested that we smoke weed together. He knew things were falling apart and his suggestion was Cannabis?!

 I was very proud of the fact that in my entire 25 years of life I had managed to refrain from any kind of drug use, ever, except alcohol. It had become a very important part of my story. 

However, after much consideration I decided to smoke pot with my husband, hoping, at the very least, he would think I was cooler and more carefree. 

I remember sitting outside on that beautiful spring evening watching my husband configure an apple into a makeshift pipe. It fell like some shit straight out of the garden of Eden. He loaded a bowl and showed me how to use it. My hands were shaky when he passed the apple to me, but I tried to appear centered. Here goes nothing.

I held the apple to my lips and somehow managed to take a surprisingly large hit. I coughed for 10 minuets. My husband thought it was hilarious and so I decided one hit was good and went inside. 

I went to my room and turned on some music and that’s when everything changed. I felt as if my entire being could feel the music that was playing. Each note resonated within my soul. 

In the days that followed I smoked every night. Each evening I felt my mind expanding and my heart softening. I didn’t feel nearly as bitter or angry about the things I just couldn’t seem to silence every night as I lay in bed, desperate for sleep. The world seemed so much brighter and full of life. 

Originally I believed that I was just using Cannabis to feel happy, but looking back now I realize that it was the catalyst for my Spiritual Awakening. I found that smoking allowed me to view everything from a 3rd person perspective. I became aware of my own thoughts and began to consciously evaluating them. 

“Does this thought serve me?” I would ask myself.

As I grew in self awareness I began to address fear in a way I never though was possible. Fear had held me captive for so long. To this day the most profound realization I have ever had is that I have the answers to all my own questions. I do not need anyone else’s permission to be free. It seems so simple, yet it is so powerful. 

Cannabis had helped heal me. 

A warning that anyone who is considering using cannabis should heed. Misuse of this sacred herb leads to gluttony and loss of motivation. (from my perspective) You will have never be satisfied if you allow yourself to loose respect for the sacred nature of her, nor will you be satisfied. You will crave all things good and forget that everything is duality. 

So use this plant to help open your third eye. Let her show you how to love yourself and help you become truly alive. Treat her with respect and the honor that she deserves, and your life with be greater for it. 

-Megan Dedmon

“Devotion - A poem to the Self”  - A meditation with Cannabis

Take a seat

Close your eyes

Still yourself

This is knowledge you will never learn in school or in a church. It taps into the channel of inner knowing and understanding. You will ask questions then seek the answer because you now have a profound desire to be curious. You also have the desire to fully accept whatever answer comes to you because in this moment it all makes sense. But Is it your truth? Dig deeper till it feels right. Yes. Now we’re getting somewhere. Does this all feel familiar? 

Child self. We meet again.




You’re getting lost now. You’ve derailed the tracks.

You pave your own path. 

Like a web woven by your own psychedelic euphoria state. Thoughts and feelings. Feelings and thoughts. Keep weaving. Keep weaving.

Spirit knocks on an imaginary door to the heart-mind. 

Let’s transcend

My conscious and subconscious begin to make love. I am immersed in my own body.

Drifting further away from human. Asleep but awake. So very awake.

Next comes the fire. 

Warm tingly sensations start between my legs.

It’s rising.

I hum vibrations to draw the oozing lava to the peak.

Ham Om

Ham Om

Ham Om


I am floating 

Soaring through dimensions until I met God, face to face.

I am embraced.

I have returned home.

I take the longest and deepest breath of my earthly existence

This is my religion.

Times up. Let’s descend

Back to the Earth Plane

I slip back into my skin and open my eyes.

Tears roll down my cheek.


-Bailee O'Brien

house of pleiades mushrooms
house of pleiades


Stories + Experiences




Psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behaviour and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.
— Terrence McKenna

Disclaimer: this information is based solely off of personal encounters by a collective of women, not one specific person. And by Shaman and healers with decades of experience, such as those at The Ayahuasca Foundation. The facts stated above are based off the research of specialist within the field of Herbalism, or continual research done by those who have made working with plants a part of their life's mission. We are not condoning the use of any substance for recreational use, or within regions or states in which the use of these plants is still currently illegal. All medicines listed above should be consumed in moderation and within a safe, secure and loving space.