House of Pleiades
House of Pleiades


Within the subconscious (shadow self) lives a variety of wounds, desires and even dormant powers. Example:  a little girl was shamed by her parents for her direct, non -filtered mouth and fiery spirit. So within her subconscious she kept this vibrant spirit hidden. Forgetting about the power and leadership abilities she came into this experience knowing clearly. Within the subconscious we do not only keep negative wounds and pain from our childhood, or traumas we experience. We also keep desires, fantasies and unspoken passions. Energy, when  perceived as the dominant factor rather than the physical, lets us see a different perspective of the course of our desires. On a cellular level, emotions explain a lot of our actions, addictions and illness within our lives. Shadow Work allows us to tap into the emotional body and out of the ego driven mind; our truth surfaces. The ego (false self) tries to shield us from pain, resulting in a fictional story in regards to our true abilities. Our stories can become our only known identitiy. And when we begin telling a different story, our lives transform into aligned bliss. 



Healing ourselves in an act of community...We can not become whole in isolation. What threatens the world is continuously damaging us; to heal the damage we must resist the destruction; to resist the destruction we must create the situations, the community, in which we can be healed.
— Starhawk, Truth or Dare

LIFE EXPERIENCES | Shadow Work Healing

Spoken by: Adri Kyser

If you would have ever told me 15 years ago that one day I would be grateful for my experience with chronic back pain, I would have laughed. At the time, that would have seemed something impossible to comprehend since nobody wants to live in pain let alone give thanks for having it. My journey through healing began over 15 years ago when I used to suffer from chronic back pain for over a decade. Sometimes the pain would be so intense I would be laying on the couch or bed unable to move.

Living in pain had become my new normal but I was determined to heal myself naturally. I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel and live the rest of my life that way. I decided to take a yoga class and before I knew it, I was in love with how my body felt during and after class. I also noticed that I was sleeping better, my range of motion increased, and emotionally I felt so much better.

Even though I had a regular yoga practice, I still would suffer from FLARE UPS and intense pain from time to time. You can imagine my frustration since I was not only practicing yoga but I was now a yoga teacher as well and I needed my body to do my work.

That is when I started to dive deeper into my healing journey. I tried numerous natural supplements and holistic healing techniques... I even became certified in some of them. Everything I did helped but nothing would heal me 100%. Please understand that I have nothing against conventional medicine but I was a young mother/wife and I really didn’t want to take medication for life.

I realized that in order to experience long-lasting results; I need to address the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of my being. I had to heal my WHOLE Self and not just my back pain. I had to go to the root cause of the pain and not just the symptoms.

This WAS KEY. We must do our inner work and peel the mental and emotional layers away to clearly see the core. I knew that in doing this I would discover beautiful things but also painful, hurtful and uncomfortable things... But I knew the reward would outweigh the fear of the unknown. I had to get comfortable being uncomfortable. 

It wasn't until I was able to come to terms and heal some emotional wounds I had suffered as a child that I finally started to find relief from pain. The emotional wounds were not something I thought about daily, they were buried in my subconscious and in my tissues.

I now know that emotions that are not addressed and released can get buried in our tissues, fascia and even organs leading to a state of imbalance, pain, and dis-ease.

Before I knew all of the pieces of the puzzle, all of my trainings, all of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual work had finally come together helping me heal myself naturally and become pain free. When I look back at those years of intense pain I realize how crucial those moments were for me to help me become who I am today. I had to take charge of my own health and to empower myself to heal from the inside out.

It helped me fully understand how to help other people going through a similar situation by using one or a combination of these holistic tools. More importantly I have been able to be living proof that it is possible to become pain free and live life fully. 

I can honestly say that I’m grateful for the journey I have traveled. I don't want the pain back (ha, ha) but I can give thanks for the lessons I learned from it.

The pain showed my how strong I am. My determination to heal myself led me to new opportunities never thought possible. My spiritual connection deepened and opened new doors and avenues to help others achieve long lasting physical, mental and emotional wellness so they too can thrive in all aspects of their lives.

If you are in pain, please know that you are not alone and that finding relief from pain is possible.

Written By Britt Johnson

If you choose to dive into a shadow, examining it with love and untangling the grip it has on you; we must understand the nature of time. Because when we do, we may not be able to change a circumstance, but we can change how we feel about it. How it tantalizes our body, shuts our legs and heart, takes over our mind and pulls us into sorrow. We can change the weight it holds on our hearts and ability to live in happiness.

What power does this give you?

The power of unimaginable healing from within yourself. I go within, open that door, walk in beside the broken girl that is holding back tears. I pull her chin up with my hand and I say:

"Look at you - beautiful, powerful girl. You do not know this now but this moment will help bring into existence, the Goddess that is trying to break through you. Understand, this has nothing to do with you. Their pain is not yours. Their betrayal is the betrayal to their own heart. Thank them for this experience. Thank them  for letting the truth be fully seen, in the now. Thank this healer for showing up. This is where their insecurities are showing themselves. Forgive."

I revisit her when I feel the pain surface in my experience now. When I have a vibration of betrayal and abandonment plague into my mind. I sit still and breathe. She was reluctant at first to take my hand, hear my voice and be guided. But now, she stands up from the chair, puts her hands to heart-center and imagines the room is cleared. She feels safe. 

What we call our Higher Self or Guides, can be our own spirit that does not live in these bodies. In moments such as these within our past, the ones you felt someone watching over you, that was your higher knowing. In these moments, we can truly see that if time is not linear, who is to say it is not you in the now? Who is to say we can go to any moment in time, take our own hand and transform our memories into love. Do we really have such magnificent power, I believe so. A shift in perspective is all it takes.

I am much more than a story I tell or past I have lived. It gave me the kind of tools that no degree or certificate could ever do. So now, while I let go of unhealthy expectations from others, I hold only intentions for myself and allow the Universe to do its magic.

If you are experiencing any kind of pain or turmoil in your life right now, or from your past, let it wash over you and say thank you. We are pulling the past from us like a splinter in our skin. So sit with her, let her breathe and tell your younger self  just how much she is seen.