The Enchantress/Wild Woman


Phase 4: Luteal Phase 

Premenstrual - Creative - Active - Inspired - Assertiveness - Problem Solving



The Enchantress Woman

By Bailee O’Brien

Wild in her nature she represents a woman’s highest self. Deeply connected to spirit she embodies the witches that came before her. She is sacred with a voluptuous divine feminine essence. She exudes charm, wisdom, intuition, empathy, sensuality, magic, love, power, and nourishment. The enchantress is in complete alignment when her pure, authentic truth. She doesn’t hide out of fear or uncertainty, she hides so you must seek her, and know her, and understand her.

Still, she remains a mystery. Rooted in unconditional love, confidence, and consciousness, she shines light onto all who give her love and light in return. She knows better than to give away precious parts of her soul to those undeserving. She keeps herself replenished by the natural well deep within that only she has access to. Everything she needs is innate and within her. Endearing in her actions, she knows nothing less than equality and peace for all. The enchantress is so rare because she symbolizes all of the elements. -- Fire, Water, Air & Earth.

She gives meaning to the phases of the moon and makes love to the river flowing deep, rough, and wide -- ever changing. She is never to be mistaken or taken advantage of. She knows her power and how to express herself in all shapes and forms. She is always dancing freely -- naked and barefoot, admiring every part of herself. She hums along to the singing birds as they take notice of her enchanting beauty. Nothing can interrupt her rhythm for she is the daughter of Mother Earth. In her own body she is home.



She is the healer that lives within each one of us. Waiting to be revealed within our sexual, creative nature. In order to move through our pain and release old patterns, we must dive into ourselves and find the kind of self-love that pulses into the cosmos. Every woman flows in and out of the Enchantress phase. The Wild Woman. Sensitive and Primal. Nurturing and Devouring. Calm and Fierce. Find the moments to nurture your body, sink into pleasure, create bad-ass boundaries, be expressive, submerge yourself into nature and most importantly, court yourself daily. Fall in love with you.